What do more travel bloggers hate about traveling?

We’re back with the second in our three part article featuring some of the world’s top travel bloggers and their pet hates when it comes to traveling.

Although these crazy cats have done their utmost to steer a path to travel awesomeness there are still a few things that they’ve come to regard as definitely worth doing without.

If you’ve got any personal travel gripes that you’d like to fling from your own backpack then please feel free to get in touch however, if you can’t wait to read 22 more travel blogging bug bears then right here’s where the moaning begins.

Have fun y’all!

Margherita –  The Crowded Planet

I hate not being able to bring my cat with us. Family and friends can come and visit, but for a cat it’s a real hassle. Not to mention he’s a real ‘home’ kind of cat and he gets really upset when he leaves. I missi him so much when we’re on the road!

Kristen Sarah – Hopscotch the Globe

When you travel, you learn so much about yourself and the world in such a short period of time that you can’t process it fast enough. We become overwhelmed. We begin to feel this overwhelming feeling particularly when we arrive back home after a trip. We feel sad, anxious and even depressed and can’t figure out why which of course increases your anxiety in a never ending battle. This is called Post-Travel Depressions which I’ve spoke about in a video. No one really talks about it much, but all travellers suffer from it on some sort of degree.

Terri –  Europe Up Close

The one thing I hate about travel is getting there. We travel coach class, so planes are cramped, the food is awful and the bathrooms are unsanitary messes. Living on the West Coast, we are on the plane at least 10 hours traveling to Europe and, it is pretty much misery all the way!

Melvin – Travel Dudes 

Heading home! I love to travel and I also love going home, but I hate that last travel day after a trip. Travel usually takes quite a while and it’s just part of it. So when heading somewhere, it’s no problem to even have a layover at an airport for several hours. But on the way home, I just want to be there & not hang around 5 hours waiting for my next flight.  The trip is over and I just want to be home then.

Corinne McDermott –  Have Baby Will Travel

I sometimes get the post-travel blues. Sometimes the only way to alleviate it is to start dreaming of the next trip!

Tina –  Lunch For One

Moving from A to B if I not feel well, but as a traveller on a schedule I can’t stay another day in bed.

Matt Gibson –  Xpat Matt

I often travel alone, and that gets very lonely sometimes.

Tim –  Cheapest Destinations Blog

I don’t know anyone who enjoys flying a U.S. airline in economy class; that’s generally the worst part of traveling by far. Some of the foreign ones do their best to make it bearable—Turkish Air, Singapore Air, and Thai Airways have been great in my experience—but the American ones gave up trying a long time ago. They’re the Greyhound of the skies now.

Will –  Going Awesome Places

Home cooked food is something I definitely miss while on the road.  Sometimes you just want to have some simple home cooked food that hits the spot.

Natalie –  Turkish Travel Blog

This is actually a tough one. I can’t think of anything I hate. Perhaps carrying luggage. If I win the lottery, I am going to employ my own bag handler to carry my rucksack or suitcase, then I can stroll along at my own pace without huffing and puffing!

Geert –  Inspiring Travellers

That’s simple: Air travel! What’s not to hate about it?! No room for your legs, hours of waiting for check-ins, layovers, security checks, passport controls…. and am I the only one that is freezing his nu$$ off on the airplane?!

Sarah –  Family Travel Times

We hate returning home, the hassle of packing and then unpacking and being tired after a long trip back.

Lisa – LL World Tour

Ha! Of course. Especially when traveling long term, not everything can be kittens and unicorns all the time. I hate packing and unpacking. Although I’m a pro at packing light, I still don’t like the mental stress of staying somewhere less than 3 nights. So, it just taught me to SLOW down and stay in each place longer, to immerse, relax, and get to know the culture more.

Victoria – Bridges And Balloons

Flying. I used to be fine but I seem to be becoming increasingly afraid of it!

Danik –  Danik The Explorer

Really, one thing I hate about traveling? I got a few but I hate being hassled by shopkeepers in not-so-well off countries and actually dragged into their shops! This has lead to a few arguements (or blows). Why the hell do I want to buy a huge 6ft wooden camel and if I did buy it, how the hell would I get it into my 23kg luggage allowance back home??? I just hate it. Do all Shop keepers think well off backpackers/budget travelers are made of money? ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (I don’t mind being approached but being man-handled, thats a no-go!)

Lauren –  Never Ending Footsteps

Being away from my family.

Kristin –  Be My Travel Muse

It can be lonely. The lows are quite low.

Dani –  Globe Trotter Girls

I don’t hate anything about travel. Really. Maybe there are a few things that can be annoying, like long travel days, jetlag or getting lost, but I wouldn’t say I hate any of them. They’re all part of the experience.

Cailin –  Travel Yourself

The thing I hate most about travel is dragging my luggage around with me everywhere and the fear of airlines losing my luggage.

Ilana –  Ilana On The Road

Once in a while I am getting tired and need to rest a bit more than usual which means that I have to take some small breaks from traveling!

Alexandra –  Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

I hate packing, unpacking and repacking over and over again as the things seem to accumulate 😀

Yvonne –  Just Travelous

I hate mass tourism and all the bad stuff coming with it. Mass tourism can destroy a destination, culture and everything which made a place so special in the first place.

So there you have it folks. Two out of three of our awesome articles about what some of the world’s top travel bloggers hate about travel. Who’d have thought it!

If you’ve got any of your own personal pet hates about travel then be sure to give team Tinggly a call as we’d love to provide a comfortable padded shoulder for you to cry on.

Alternatively, if you can’t get enough of the pros rapping about the things that bother them when they’re on the move then don’t forget to check out our third and final instalment entitled, something along the lines of: What do more travel bloggers hate about travel part 3.

Happy travels!

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