Fantastic and unique Christmas gift ideas

For many families, Christmas is about coming together, some travelling great distances, and simply spending time in each other’s company. There is food to be prepared and eaten, carols to be sung, trees to be decorated and lights to be lit. There are also, of course, gifts to be shared. One of the most magic parts of Christmas is watching the eyes of a loved one light up as they unwrap unique Christmas gifts that you’ve managed to find for them.

Many of us will spend hours this year searching out original Christmas gifts for our loved ones, perhaps browsing online, or dealing with crowded high streets and shops.

Tinggly says – why bother?

Now, we’re not implying here that you shouldn’t make the effort to find gifts that your friends and family will like. Far from it. What we are saying though is that there is a better way.


Just let them choose for themselves.

With 100s of incredible experiences around the world to discover, Tinggly offers the ultimate in personalized Christmas gifts. It’s a really simple, hassle-free process that practically guarantees satisfaction. You select the Tinggly package that you want to buy for someone, Essential, Premium or Ultimate, and write them a personal note, wishing them a Happy Christmas, for instance. We then send you a stylish presentation box containing an experience gift voucher for you to pop into their stocking or under the tree on Christmas Eve. They have up to two years to redeem their voucher against an experience of their choice, at a time and place that suits them. Whatever their interests, food, culture, adrenaline, there is a huge collection of handpicked experiences they’ll love to explore.

Tinggly makes for fantastic travel Christmas gifts, as we’ve got experiences in dozens of different countries from South America to Europe and Africa. We have adventure Christmas gifts such as dog sledding, skydives, scuba diving or walking with lions. We have romantic Christmas gifts like spa days, unique hotel stays or unusual meals for two.

Sure, you can buy Mum the portable foot spa she’s been talking about all year. You could get your sister a framed LP of her favourite album. You could give Dad a book, a bottle of wine and a new tie the same as every year. And sure, they’ll probably love them.

But why not try something different this year? Give them the gift of choice. If you were to list the 100 most unique Christmas gifts of 2016, you can bet that Tinggly would be near the top.

Best of all, we think, is that you can share the fun with your loved ones. Make a suggestion when you send the voucher, or help them browse the collection on the Tinggly map, pointing out things they might like to try on their next holiday, or closer to home. Inspiration is made easy, for them and for you, when you buy someone an experience gift.

A few more unique Christmas gift ideas for you to consider:

A photo album, already filled in

In an era of digital technology, most people keep their family photos on their phones or hard drives, rarely printing them off. But swiping on a screen can’t compare to the nostalgic feeling of flicking through a photo album and looking at pictures of family, friends, Christmases gone by.

A tree

If you know someone who’s recently got married, had a baby or bought a new home and they have a patch of garden, then why not buy them a young tree? It’s a permanent reminder of a special event in their lives, one that they’ll see every day.

A handmade voucher

Despite the 100s of amazing experiences we offer around the world, there are some things even Tinggly can’t offer. Make someone a handmade voucher giving them a massage every day for a week, an offer to babysit once a month over the next year, or a promise that you’ll give them 50% of the time with the TV remote.