And relax… 5 reasons you should try a spa experience in 2018

You can be forgiven for feeling a little low right now.

Christmas and New Year can be stressful periods and they usually involve over-indulging on alcohol and food. Plus, January and February are the most miserable months of the year, with yucky weather, early evenings and wintery chill in the air still.

What better excuse, then to treat yourself to a spa experience in 2018? Or even better, ask someone else to treat you to one instead! There are many fantastic spa experiences around the world to be found in the Tinggly portfolio of course. If you were lucky enough to receive one of our gift vouchers for Christmas, choose wisely!Here’s five benefits from going to the spa…

The spa is great for your health 

That’s something everyone knows, right? But what you might not know, is exactly why it’s so good. Here’s just a few of the health benefits you get from a spa experience: better blood circulation; increased immunity (good during the current flu season); detoxification. Sweating it out in the spa purifies your skin, eases aches and strains, and can even help you to lose weight too. Often you’ll have natural products being used in treatments, which carry their own health pluses. Then there’s mental health – a spa is wonderfully relaxing, and it’s said that it can boost your serotonin levels too. Expect to emerge floating on your own personal cloud!hans-vivek-223133Spa sessions reduce stress

Spend a few hours in the blissful steam of the spa, and leave the hassles of work, family life and other day-to-day complications behind. Disconnecting from your usual routine like this is essential for good mental health, and can leave you with a clearer mind afterwards so that you can actually focus. Think hygge.jonathan-percy-505890Going to the spa for a date?

It might sound an odd idea at first, but actually a spa trip is a great place to have a date with someone. There is a growing trend for dating in places outside the usual bars and restaurants. In a spa you’re both getting pampered and are likely to open up more. You’re also wrapped only in a towel, so your inhibitions are likely to be lower and you can really get to know each other (no, not in that way, come on guys you’re better than that). Remember that if you’re single, you can also use the spa as a destination to visit with friends and family. A Mother’s Day gift idea. A Hen weekend. A catch-up with old friends. The spa is the perfect place!robson-hatsukami-morgan-116208A spa day helps you look your best

If you have a big event coming up, such as a job interview, a hot date or a wedding, then there’s nothing like a spa day to make you feel like a million pounds. Skip the high street and let the experts handle your manicure, your pedicure, your facials – done well, these treatments can take years off you.manuel-moreno-39516Recuperate from sports injuries in the spa 

It’s no coincidence that professional footballers regularly use the spa. The heat, the specialist treatments, and the natural products, they’re all excellent for dealing with minor sports injuries. Whether you’re training for a marathon, trying to improve flexibility for yoga, or suffering from recurring cramp, a spa session could be just what’s needed to help you over the finishing line.5 reasons you should try a spa experience in 2018