5 mouthwatering chocolate gift experiences for Easter

 Easter is one of the most significant religious dates in the Christian faith. It’s a time for families to come together. And let’s not forget, it’s also a fantastic excuse to eat lots of chocolate. This Easter, why not skip the supermarket eggs and bunnies, and treat your loved ones with a sweet tooth to a really special Easter gift – one of these delectable chocolate experiences. From tours of some of Europe’s most prestigious chocolate shops in Belgium and Switzerland to chocolate and rum pairing in Grenada, these experiences will fill a chocoholic with delight!

  1. Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop in Brussels

What is the world’s most famous gourmet product? Some might say it’s Belgian chocolate. This fascinating guided tour around the picturesque city of Brussels takes you around several of the city’s finest chocolate shops, where you’ll enjoy plenty of delicious samples. Later, you’ll be invited to take part in a memorable workshop with a master chocolatier, during which you’ll learn how to make the best-known Belgian delicacy – pralines. A hard chocolate shell encloses a soft filling, often cream or alcoholic, and guaranteed to get the taste buds exploding.Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop in Brussels

  1. Visit the oldest chocolate shop in New York 

The New York borough of Brooklyn is of course well-known for its beer, but did you know it also produces very fine chocolate? Well, you do now. With this gourmet Brooklyn walking tour led by an expert local guide, you’ll drop into several artisan chocolate-makers, to taste spicy craft treats, cake made famous by Oprah Winfrey, and the classic Li Lac Chocolates in Industry City, open since 1920.Visit the oldest chocolate shop in New York

  1. Off-the-beaten-track confectionery tour in Zurich

Brussels has competition when it comes to chocolate-making. Swiss chocolate is legendarily good, with centuries of tradition in the art. What we love about this tour is that you’ll visit places that most guidebooks don’t mention, out of the way shops where the locals prefer to buy their treats. And it’s not just chocolates on this Zurich foodie gift experience. You’ll taste scrumptious ice cream or hot chocolate (depending on the weather), nougat, truffles and more. Find out why Swiss chocolate is world-renowned.Off-the-beaten-track confectionery tour in Zurich

  1. Chocolate and rum sampling in Grenada

Chocolate and rum are two of island nation Grenada’s biggest exports, along with the spices that add flavour to both of these products. On this enthralling Grenada guided tour that’s perfect for foodies, you’ll stop by a spice plantation, a rum distillery and the esteemed Belmond Estate from where much of the finest Grenadian chocolate originates. This is one of the great Grenada sightseeing tours, and it even includes a stop at the beautiful Concord Falls as well.Chocolate and rum sampling in Grenada

  1. Truffle hunting tour in Provence 

Truffles are probably the world’s most desirable luxury food product, not just because of their taste, but also their rarity. The ‘Black Gold’ only grow naturally in a few places, and one of them is Provence, in southern France. We love, love, love this experience, because as well as joining a group of dedicated truffle-hunters, and their dogs, as they go out on the hunt for these incredibly valuable delicacies, you also get to learn all about how to cultivate truffles, how to use them to transform a dish with just a few shavings, and sample some yummy hors’ d’oeuvres with champagne while wandering the scenic estate afterwards.Truffle hunting tour in Provence